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Forget the florist – grow your own

Give me, odorous at sunrise, a garden of beautiful flowers where I can walk undisturbed. – Walt Whitman While searching for quotes for this piece, I found hundreds of them. Flowers mean many things to many people. Of course their beauty is paramount to most of us, […]

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An Avian Arcadia

Arcadia is defined as “any real or imagined place that promotes peace and tranquility”. This sounds like something worth aspiring to – we could all use some more peace in our usually hectic lives. But what about out little bird friends? To see them enjoying a refreshing […]

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The mysterious case of the Bag Worm

Bag worms are a nasty little pest, which can quickly defoliate over one hundred species of trees, including cypress, juniper, pine, spruce, apple, elm and willow. So, what are they? Bag worms, or bag moths, are a family of the Lepidoptera order of insects, making them closely […]

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I Have Seen the Future of Pavers and Hardscaping!!!

Monday was yet another washout of a January workday.  I received a sales call from my friends at PAVERART, asking me to stop in to have a look at some of their new products.  I was already planning to stop by their shop later this week and […]

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Writing and Education is a HUGE Priority for Lundholm Landscaping. Check out my 2012 Blog results, going to be hard to top!

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog. Here’s an excerpt: 600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 2,200 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, […]

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Landscape Design Made Simple: Stage 2- Analyzing Details and Putting Ideas on Paper

It’s December 3rd, 2012 and it’s time to continue on with our Landscape Design Series. We made the decision to take a part of our back yard and turn it into a fire pit/outdoor entertaining type area.  That’s correct, I am taking you into my own back […]

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UPDATED! 10 Insider Secrets to a PERFECT LAWN, Step 8 of 10

  We are moving right along in our 10 Insider Secrets to a Perfect Lawn.  Thanks for checking back in and following me.  If you are a first time reader, I suggest you bring yourself up to speed by quickly reviewing steps 1-7.  Do so by clicking […]

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UPDATED! 10 Insider Secrets to a Perfect Lawn. Tip 7 of 10

Thanks for checking back in.  If you have followed the previous 6 Steps, you should be well on your way to that “Perfect” lawn.  As a quick refresher, we have learned about soil texture, soil pH, soil testing, soil test results and analysis, correcting problems and deficiencies, […]

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UPDATED! 10 Insider Secrets to a Perfect Lawn. Tip 3 of 10

  Folks, we are approaching crunch time. In lieu of that I decided to do away with my witty “lead in” and get right down to business. I’m sure all of you have been anxiously awaiting step 3. If you have not read my UPDATED steps 1 […]

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Updated! 10 Insider Secrets to the Perfect Lawn Tip 2 of 10 FREE(for now)!!!!

As I type this, it’s one of those rare mid summer mornings with bright blue skies, a “Cool Cape May” type of breeze and low humidity! This weather reminds of the coming crisp fall mornings. For me, fall means planting… whether it be grass, mums, pansies, trees, […]

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