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Color your landscape in winter

Winter again. Cold, ice, snow, and a lifeless landscape. Time to head inside and let the garden hibernate, while you toast your toes by the fire. Are you kidding? Although it is difficult to cultivate the cold and wet winter soils, with a bit of forethought you […]

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How to maximize a small garden – Top 10 tips

Not every home has enough gardening place to grow the various kinds of plants, trees, herbs and veggies that they would like to. Irrespective of the space available, if you have a strong will, a little time and a love for gardening, you can overcome the space […]

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Water, water everywhere

Incorporating a water feature, pond or natural pool into your garden design is a wonderful option. They are not only of great environmental benefit, but also add incredible beauty to your garden. Natural ponds and pools support the animals in your area, attracting a variety of indigenous […]

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Kid safe gardens

Creating a child and animal friendly garden is a great idea, not only if you have animals or children yourself, but also for your visitors as it provides everyone peace of mind in the safe area. Whether your gardening ideas are for children, or you want to […]

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Save money, drop by drop

Reduce, reuse, recycle… It’s the mantra for the modern world. If you’re not living green you will be highly irresponsible, and in many cases a social outcast. We all owe it to our planet, and our children, to go as easy as we can on the resources […]

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An Avian Arcadia

Arcadia is defined as “any real or imagined place that promotes peace and tranquility”. This sounds like something worth aspiring to – we could all use some more peace in our usually hectic lives. But what about out little bird friends? To see them enjoying a refreshing […]

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The mysterious case of the Bag Worm

Bag worms are a nasty little pest, which can quickly defoliate over one hundred species of trees, including cypress, juniper, pine, spruce, apple, elm and willow. So, what are they? Bag worms, or bag moths, are a family of the Lepidoptera order of insects, making them closely […]

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It’s Way too Cold and Nasty! Try Landscaping Indoors!?!?

In these cold, windy, nasty times people find it difficult to get out and enjoy nature,  walk on the grass and literally smell the roses. Most of us would love to be able to enjoy nature whenever we want, whenever we need to – and fortunately we […]

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DIY Home Landscapers: What YOU should be doing in YOUR yard this week.

Things have been really busy on this end. I figured it’s a great time to post a landscaping/gardening tip! Today’s topic deals with rain, irrigation and one of my few pet peeves. Mother Nature has been kind enough to bestow plenty of natural irrigation upon us these […]

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DIY Home Landscapers: What YOU should be doing in YOUR yard this week!

It’s a great time of the year to be a landscaper. The temperatures are finally getting warmer, the leaves are ready to come out and suddenly our lawns are beginning to show a greenish tint! Last week we tuned up our hand tools and power equipment, raked […]

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