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Color your landscape in winter

Winter again. Cold, ice, snow, and a lifeless landscape. Time to head inside and let the garden hibernate, while you toast your toes by the fire. Are you kidding? Although it is difficult to cultivate the cold and wet winter soils, with a bit of forethought you […]

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How to maximize a small garden – Top 10 tips

Not every home has enough gardening place to grow the various kinds of plants, trees, herbs and veggies that they would like to. Irrespective of the space available, if you have a strong will, a little time and a love for gardening, you can overcome the space […]

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Make your own nightlife

“I love the nightlife, I love to boogie…” And if you really want to boogie, who am I to stop you? In this season of glitter and twinkles, here’s another treatise about lights. But this one’s a bit different. I want to show you the many benefits […]

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History of the Christmas tree

We all love the Christmas tree. Digging out the decorations from the shed, and once more making magic with a wire and vinyl construction that’s never been within fifty miles of a forest. A twinkling standard, that we think of once a year and then pack away […]

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Light up your Christmas

Oh yes, it’s that time of year again. Struggling with shopping and budgets, getting frazzled with the kids and in-laws – it seems to come sooner every year. But there’s a good side, of course. Catching up with friends and relly’s you haven’t seen for ages, enjoying […]

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Water, water everywhere

Incorporating a water feature, pond or natural pool into your garden design is a wonderful option. They are not only of great environmental benefit, but also add incredible beauty to your garden. Natural ponds and pools support the animals in your area, attracting a variety of indigenous […]

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Forget the florist – grow your own

Give me, odorous at sunrise, a garden of beautiful flowers where I can walk undisturbed. – Walt Whitman While searching for quotes for this piece, I found hundreds of them. Flowers mean many things to many people. Of course their beauty is paramount to most of us, […]

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Kid safe gardens

Creating a child and animal friendly garden is a great idea, not only if you have animals or children yourself, but also for your visitors as it provides everyone peace of mind in the safe area. Whether your gardening ideas are for children, or you want to […]

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Dealing with Digitaria

Crabgrass making you crabby? We understand, and offer advice on organic solutions to this lawn annoyance.

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Save money, drop by drop

Reduce, reuse, recycle… It’s the mantra for the modern world. If you’re not living green you will be highly irresponsible, and in many cases a social outcast. We all owe it to our planet, and our children, to go as easy as we can on the resources […]

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