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WARNING!!! Killer Volcanos Have Been Discovered in our Area!!! Help Me Find More Volcanos and I Will Reward You With a $25.00 Wawa GIFT CARD!!!

The headline is not a misprint! I am spotting these killer volcanos on almost every street!
The worst I have ever seen is in front of the Rio Grande Wawa! THIS IS ABSOLUTELY CRAZY!

Don’t pack your bags and head for the hills just yet…

The volcanos that I am referring to are man made…



Created by the annual piling on of mulch, these volcanos are killing trees everywhere!


This is ridiculous. Who would do something like this???


It’s not that difficult to spend a few extra minutes to do things the right way!


Proper mulching allows vital water, nutrients and oxygen to reach the roots of trees. Mulch volcanos smother roots, create a tremendous amount of heat and cause fungus to form around the base of a tree. The environment created by a mulch volcano is a breeding ground for fungus, disease and rot. Eventually most trees are over come by disease and finally…


TIMBER!!! Landing on your home, your car or even worse…ON YOU!!!


This picture illustrates how a trees roots meet the ground. This tree is an ordinary Maple Tree that is thriving in it’s natural environment . The roots can be seen stretching out, free to breathe, roam and find as much water as it needs. This is how a tree is meant to live!!

Let’s all take a few minutes to walk our properties and make sure that we are not guilty of our own mulch volcanos. If you spot a mulch volcano, email a picture of it to me at The most disgusting mulch volcano picture will receive a $25.00 Wawa gift card. What other landscaper is offering free gift cards???

Deadline for this contest is Friday July 8th, 2011 at 5:00pm. The mulch volcano must be located in Cape May County and I will verify it in person! Other than that, no strings attached. Now get out there and find some volcanos!

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Good Luck. Winner will be announced on Monday July 11th, 2011at noon.

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