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In Case You Were Wondering About The Million Dollar Landscaping Project???

Wow, it’s been a really hectic month!  It’s been a long time since I posted a blog so I thought I would bring my readers up to date.

A while back I had a brainstorm to solicit homeowners from Cape May County to give Lundholm Landscaping a shot at creating a MILLION DOLLAR LANDSCAPE.  Some people thought I was crazy and my business coach and mentor asked me if I had been inhaling too many pesticides!!!  None of us expected, or even dreamed, that one simple blog would create such a stir!!!   We actually generated several very interested customers!!!

Thats not even the crazy part…  

Things took a completely mind-blowing, over the top, unexpected turn and I have to temporarily put the deadline of July 4th on hold.  I had originally wanted to review the interested properties, make a decision and make a big announcement on July 4th as to who and where the MILLION DOLLAR LANDSCAPE would be installed.


Shortly after posting my “Million Dollar Landscape” blog, I was discretely contacted by a major marketing/production firm.  They presented me with a few ideas that almost knocked me off my feet.  At one point, I almost asked them if they had me confused with another company!!!

If things work out, this deal could be 10 times bigger and more significant than I could have ever imagined.  I can’t give any more details out about it right now but as soon as things are signed, sealed and delivered, you will know!!!

On a separate note, if you log onto you will see a few sneak peak photos of our most recent project.  We created the ultimate back yard oasis!!  I learned this past week that the entire project is going to be photographed and featured in a major Philadelphia magazine.  We are so pumped!!!

Life should level off in the next few weeks and I will get back to the subject at hand.  EXTREME LANDSCAPE MAKEOVERS!!!

If you need anything in the mean time, please do not hesitate to reach out to us…

Lundholm Landscaping

P.O. Box 1066

Cape May, NJ 08204

Office Phone 609-898-9136

Cell/Text 609-722-1814


See you out there!!!!

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