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10 Tips for a Perfect Lawn(Tip 9 of 10)… Don’t Forget about the FREE OFFER!!!

This is probably my favorite tip of them all.  Today we learn a few of my personal secrets that will make your neighbors think that you hired the greenskeeper from Augusta National to mow your lawn.

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It’s safe to assume at this point that you have put the previous 8 tips to use and are now the proud owner of the greenest lawn on your block!  It’s time to polish off your skills and round yourself into the total PRO! Let’s start with an advanced mowing technique that is a mystery to most, but a must in every professional’s arsenal. If you’ve ever watched a PGA tour event or a Major League Baseball game, you have certainly noticed the striped lines in the turf.

Citizens Bank Park boasting some serious striping!

Its actually a very simple attachment that bolts to the handle of any lawn mower.  The concept is a medium weight roller that simply bends grass over. As the grass is bent over, sunlight reflects differently projecting the appearance of stripes.  The picture below was borrowed from  Check them out as their products are amongst the best on the market.

Neighbors will be GREEN with Envy!

Lawn rollers like the one used above come in every size and easily mount to push mowers, riding mowers and commercials mowers. When mowing for show, remember to empty the bag as soon as it shows signs of being full, do not empty the bag when the lawn mower is on the sidewalk and always, always, always make straight, even lines.

Edging is a simple practice that most homeowners only associate with sidewalks.  I love a professionally edged sidewalk with tight square corners, but a properly edge flower bed separates the serious landscape manicurists from the average Joe.  For Planting Beds, I recommend at least a 3 inch deep edge. This depth separates the lawn from the mulch and looks AWESOME with a really cool shadow line.  Another benefit is that grass roots dry out when exposed and minimize the likelihood of grass advancing into flower beds.  The image below illustrates the difference between an average flower bed edge and a professional bed edge.  I prefer to use a string trimmer turned on its side, but a blade edger works just as well.

Gotta Love the Look of a Professionally Edged Bed

The final tip where the pros earn their money is trimming.  String trimmers come in a variety of models ranging from electric, battery operated, gas powered and clean burning propane powered.  There is no specialized technique for trimming.  Hold the trimmer level to the lawn and do not scalp the edges.  Pay particular attention to where the debris is flying and keep from flinging trimmings into flower beds(lessening the chance for weeds).

Just a quick reminder that we are currently offering a free 30 minute consultation for homeowners in Cape May County.  I will visit with you, walk your property, inspect your tools and make recommendations or… just pat you on the back.

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