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Are You Really in the Process of Doing a Million Dollar Landscape Project??

The answer to the question is YES!  We are ready, the world is ready! Our entire portfolio of custom landscape design and construction has put Lundholm Landscaping in a position to not only take on a project of this magnitude, but to pull it off…IN A BIG WAY!!!

People in Landscaping Circles are already talking about it…

While attending a seminar last Thursday, I was approached by 3 other Landscape Contractors from the Philadelphia area and they asked me “Are you really doing a Million Dollar Landscaping Project?”  My reply…YES!  We will be starting this September and it will likely be finished in time for the biggest Memorial Day party that anyone has ever seen!

We are currently in the process of gathering potential customers for the “Million Dollar Landscape”  campaign.  We will make a final decision on a lucky homeowner on July 4th, 2011.  Design and engineering work will begin at 6:00am on July 5th, 2011.

I have several sponsors lined up to help with promotion.  These sponsors are primarily marketing GREEN products and will be active participants in the design, construction and maintenance of this ground breaking project.  This campaign was originally designed to prove to the world that Lundholm Landscaping is right up there with the BIG BOYS!  As the concept gained momentum, we decided to use this platform to prove that the future of high end, custom landscaping must be environmentally friendly while looking better than the best of the best!  All this plus sustaining itself 100 percent!  If you were to ask me what elements will be involved in this project, I will tell you “I have absolutely no idea!”  Once myself and my sponsors have unanimously agreed on a project and brain storm for a few days, we will flood the media with a full list of details, concepts and timelines.

One thing I will promise is that this project will be one of a kind…in many ways! Unique in design, function, concepts and products.  This project will redefine the term “Thinking outside of the Box”.

We released this concept a few days ago and already have a few interested parties.  I was shocked when contractors from PA were questioning me about the project after the concept had only been released 2 days prior.   Word travels fast around these circles.  A few of them uttered a word or 2 about “No homeowner is going to spend a million dollars on landscaping in this economy!”  My response… “I’m sorry you feel that way.”

The quick response  by prospective existing clients proves there are families, businesses and condominium associations out there who are extremely excited about being the first! Out of respect for the lucky winner, we will only be doing one “Million Dollar Landscape” this coming winter.  In the future…  Who knows???

If you are interested in being considered for this project, please contact me as soon as possible.  We will interview as many homeowners as we can but only 1 gets the benefits of being our first “Million Dollar Landscape!”

See you soon!

Rob Lundholm

Lundholm Landscaping

Cape May, New Jersey 08204

Cell/Text 609-722-1814


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